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C'est con les quiproquo !

Message  Mylkhaa le Mer 26 Jan - 16:05

Gammers a écrit:the 2011/01/26 at 11.54-11.56 i asked a Gm named corvelni about my arena games He replyed: The last game you played was on the 18th against your mother! i find that very insulting NOT acceptable! What will you do about this?`I have a screenshot of it if you want.

Mj :
I'm sorry that it wasn't clear enough for you, Gammers, you see, writing "Your Mother" with capital letters meant that it was a name. Here is a "better" version of it as you unfortunately didn't understand this:

The last match we have you guys playing was on the 18th against the arena team called "Your Mother"

I have also confirmed that your last arena game was played and lost to the team "Your Mother" on the 18th.

I've had a look at the chat logs and it seems you were proud that you got the GM to say "Your Mother", not offended. However, if you were genuinely offended then I apologise for this and ask that you please send your feedback to WoWConcernsEU@Blizzard.com so that a senior member of our team can investigate it and get back to you via e-mail.



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